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Welcome to the future of water treatment


Bringing innovation to the water treatment sector, NuWater is a future-focused company ready and waiting to be challenged by you. Designing, building and operating water treatment systems that can clean almost any quantity and quality of water. NuWater are specialists in wastewater reclamation and re-use, with some of the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective products and services on the market. Offering everything from turnkey plants to mobile “Water on Wheels” rental solutions, NuWater provides flexible and rapidly deployable systems that cater for all industries and applications.

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Focus Sectors

& residential solutions

NuWater believes that everyone deserves access to clean water – municipal plants supply clean drinking water and desalination services. Sustainable solutions to recycling wastewater are implemented in economic and environmentally friendly ways. NuWater successfully builds, operates and maintains water treatment systems for municipalities on a small and large scale basis.


From refining minerals, to reducing and managing wastewater, these systems are built to increase productivity. NuWater’s specialised water treatment systems for the mining industry meet the needs of many mine applications, from treating water to be reused and even safely discharged. The modular and redeployable NuWater systems allow flexibility regarding volume and location.


NuWater understand that agriculture requires the best quality water possible. However the cost of clean water can be high, in both financial and risk factors. With NuWater’s specialised rental units and seasonal fleets, these factors can be alleviated while increasing your overall output. Flexible solutions to agricultural water treatment are possible with NuWater.


Innovative power solutions are an integral part of what makes NuWater game changers in the water treatment industry. Our facilities not only treat water entering and leaving power plants but include power solutions for the facilities themselves. A range of integrated power solutions are available, from solar-power to diesel generators, and can be tailored and scaled as needed.


Servicing a wide range of industries, from food and beverage to paper producers, NuWater provides water treatment solutions to save your company money and resources. These solutions help industrial clients to lessen their impact on the environment. NuWater wastewater treatment systems can recycle water to a level of quality that prevents and reduces wear and tear on your facility.


Scale and Commercial Offer

With the ability to deliver various standardised solutions to most water-related problems, NuWater specialises in systems sizes between 50m3/day upto 20 000m3/day, catering to most commercial and industrial customers. Larger, project scale systems can be tailor-made to every client's requirements. NuWater offers customers the commercial structure best suited to their needs by offering a wide range of system types and sizes. So, whether it be an outright sale, rent to own, fixed term or flexible rental, BOO (build, own and operate) or BOOT (build, own, operate and transfer), there are bespoke commercial solutions to match all of your water treatments needs.


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