Flexible Solutions And Innovative Technologies


Smart water treatment plants

Cutting edge technologies, purpose-fit equipment and engineering ingenuity, means our fully-automated, containerised water treatment plants offer a dramatically reduced footprint with the capacity to produce between 15 thousand and 20 million litres of a high quality industrial process or potable water daily.

NuWater has extensive experience in designing, building and operating small, medium and large scale centralised and decentralised water and desalination plants locally and internationally. This has enabled us to continually refine, improve and hone our plant designs, equipment use and operating systems to deliver higher levels of performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

Mobility, agility and scalability are key to our plant design

Our mobile, scalable water treatment plants allow for rapid deployment and easy redeployment to other sites. Easily transported and commissioned on-site, our automated plants reduce operator involvement and error.

Whether standardised or customised, our turnkey water treatment plants all connect to the grid with the option of integrated power supplies, including solar and diesel-generated backup power.


Mining Case Study

The power of re-sourcing wastewater to prevent an environmental disaster