Integrated And Adaptable Power Options


Turning wastewater into a valuable resource

From agriculture and mining to manufacturing, construction, power and energy, every type of industry in every business sector relies on water to some degree or another. With depleting freshwater sources and rising water requirements across the board, wastewater treatment is a smart, cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Modular and compact, NuWater’s wastewater treatment plants use membrane bioreactors that break down organic matter and separate solids from the treated water. This process eliminates the need for large settling ponds, dramatically decreases the plant’s footprint, increases water quality and improves performance and efficiencies.

Tried and tested in the most demanding environments where operational efficiency and reliability is paramount and space a premium, our plants outperform on every level. These plants can also be combined with our modular Reverse Osmosis plants for a sustainable source of potable water.

Waste Stream Management

The separation of salts from freshwater in the desalination process results in concentrated brine. For most seawater application, brine is simply returned to the sea where it is diluted and remixed. For inland desalination applications, brine either needs to be stored which is extremely costly and can be detrimental to the environment.

NuWater’s reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly management of brine and other waste streams provides innovative solutions to our clients waste management requirements.


Brine Concentration

Fitted with our proprietary desupersaturation modules, NuWater’s desalination plants achieve incredibly high freshwater recovery rates. As a result, a highly concentrated brine stream with significantly reduced volume can be stored in evaporation ponds or thermally processed to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge.

Zero Liquid Discharge

NuWater’s innovative freeze crystallisation technology in combination with high-temperature technologies and out of the box solutions are used to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge, allowing pure or mixed salts to efficiently and effectively extracted and where possible re-used or sold.

Biomass to energy

Sewage sludge, which is usually disposed of in landfill sites, is biomass that can provide a useful source of energy. NuWater uses the most advanced technologies to harness this energy source, eliminate environmental hazards and reduce disposal costs. The produced energy is re-used to power the wastewater treatment process.