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Agricultural Case Study

Hatching a smart plan

to save a chicken farming operation


When the best-laid plans don’t work out

Faced with ever tightening water restrictions at their chicken farms, a large national farming consortium installed boreholes and began drilling for a sustainable supply of water. While quantity was not a problem, the quality of the water did not comply with the required standards.

Livestock and livelihood threatened

Without a reliable source of high quality water, the egg laying facilities would not survive, putting the entire farm operation, including jobs and livelihoods at risk. As a national supplier, this would lead to chicken shortages, which in turn would drive prices upwards, impacting on a large proportion of the population

A cracking good solution

Mobile, adaptable and rapidly deployable, NuWater’s high performing water treatment plant was designed and built specifically for the farm’s unique environment and requirements.

With its remote location and very limited on-site support, the plant was engineered to have minimal operator involvement, and included multiple failsafe mechanisms that guaranteed a reliable on going supply of water.

Life saving, self-sustaining

To ensure the right quality of water, the plant incorporates a cutting edge combination of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies to guarantee the exact water quality required on an on going basis.

Municipal & Residential