Backing our clients all the way

From short, medium and long-term rental options to Build, Own & Operate or Transfer, NuWater has the capability and resources to provide clients with a wide choice of financing options regardless of the size or scale of the project and plant.

Ideal for short term,
long term and specific projects

Whether you have decentralised operations, crumbling infrastructure, seasonal requirements, are expanding, budget cutting or simply want to outsource, NuWater has the largest water treatment Rental Fleet in Africa, offering many bottom-line benefits:

• Flexible rental terms. • Reduced municipal water costs. • No large upfront purchasing costs. • Ability to trial equipment before purchasing.
• No depreciation of equipment assets. • No equipment storage costs. • Lower maintenance and repair costs. • New equipment raises efficiency and productivity.

Accurate financial forecasting

State of the art financial modelling software equips clients with a detailed financial breakdown of monthly costs and savings both now and in the future enabling more informed decision making and planning.

When it comes to the bottom line, NuWater smart water treatment solutions reduce upfront capital, lower operational and maintenance costs, and deliver a return on investment in a shorter period of time.